Palmyre Seraphin

Palmyre Seraphin is a Haitian-American artist hailing from New York. Her style is very special and dynamic, with a strong passion for beautiful melodies and positive lyrics.

Some artists aim to entertain the audience and create catchy hooks, while others aim to do a lot more than that: they want to share positive messages with the audience. This is definitely the case of Palmyre Seraphin, whose voice carries the weight of an uplifting, powerful message of hope and faith.


Palmyre has a passion for gospel, soul and R&B, and her music is the culmination of a lot of passion, love and talent. Ever since she was a child, Palmyre had a true penchant for heartfelt melodies and gripping hooks, inspired by some of her favorite singers and musical ads. As a devoted Christian, Palmyre is dedicated to using her musical gift as a way to genuinely reach out to the audience and make a positive difference in the world with her singing skills.


She has been singing at the local church with her mom in Haiti ever since the age of 3. It didn’t take long for her to learn how to play the violin at the Victorian school, under renowned violinist Romel Joseph.

While playing the violin she also took her first piano lessons with professor Fritz Hunter at Bird College, and professor Richardson Leopold at L’Ecole De Musique de Monette Leopold. As a kid, she started showing off her vocals by interpreting the songs of Withney Houston, one of her favorite singers.

In 1999, she moved to New York permanently and began to play the clarinet, joining the band of her new church, Gethsemane. After majoring in Legal Studies and receiving a Masters of Sciences in Education, she started teaching literature to high school students in New York City, and eventually met Haitian Gospel artist Wilkinson Theodore, who discovered her singing gift and invited her to attend a studio session. The two became friends and collaborators on many projects, and she even joined Wilkinson to perform at his church, the Brooklyn Tabernacle. This is when Palmyre says she begun to truly understand God, mature in her own faith, and believe in the power of prayer. In 2009 Palmyre recorded “Ou se Jehovah”, her first solo project. The album was inspired by the rich color of sacred harmonies, which once again, affirmed her God-given gift.

In 2014, she returned to Haiti for the first to perform a highly anticipated live concert. The same year, Radio Alleluia nominated her for the award Revelation of the year, which she went on to win. In 2015, she returned to the recording booth for another highly anticipated Gospel project in her native tongue. Her second solo album titled "2eme Chance" was released on March 25th, 2017. In November of that same year, the release was nominated under three categories: Best album, Best song (For single "Li Ka Fel”), Best Duo collaboration (For "Kotew Ye" with Haitian Christian rapper Fre Gabe).

"Despite all the adversities a female may encounter when ministering" Palmyre says, she is determined to continue spreading the gospel through songs and hymns.




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5th Annual Banquet L'Eglise Assemblee de la Promesse

5th Annual Banquet L'Eglise Assemblee de la Promesse, Crown Plaza Hotel, Suffern, NY


Palmyre Live in Haiti

Palmyre Live in Haiti, Le Villatre, Petiont-Ville, Port-au-Prince

Palmyre will be signing her second album "2eme Chance" at le Villatre, Petiont-Ville, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.


Haitian Gospel Festival

Palmyre Seraphin Live in New Jersey, 490-494 Hillside Avenue, Orange, NJ

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